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32 Reasons I Love Knitting

It’s my birthdaaay! In celebration of turning 32 years old today, here are my 32 reasons why I love knitting! (in no particular order)

It’s relaxing.

It makes me feel productive, especially when watching hours of Netflix.

It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I finish a project.

It’s challenging! I have to use my brain sometimes.

Buying new yarn!

Browsing the yarn aisle at Michael’s.

Visiting local yarn stores whenever I visit a new town or City.

Browsing yarn websites like Yarnspirations, KnitPicks, Yarn Canada, and LoveKnitting.com.

Looking up knitting patterns on Pintrest and Ravelry.

Finding a knitted item in a store and thinking “I could make that!”

Awkwardly staring at people’s knits to try and figure out the pattern.

Being able to say “I made it” when someone compliments my knits.

Trying a new stitch or technique and it works out!

Finishing a project without frogging!

Organizing my yarn stash.

Giving handmade, knitted items as a gift.

The sound of my needles as I work on a project.

Working on a pattern that looks complicated but is actually pretty easy.

Learning how to make cables (easier than it looks)!

Looking at pictures of knitting on Instagram (knitting hashtags!).

Incorporating knitting in other parts of my life (I did a “knitting” lesson in one of my adult learning courses this summer and it was so fun!)

Teaching other people to knit.

The feeling of turning a ball of yarn into something tangible.

Knitting is portable! I can knit at work, on the train, on vacation, at home, when visiting others, in line for the movies….the possibilities are endless.

Finally knowing enough to start experimenting with pattern designing.

Sharing knitting with my sister and my ma.

I can drink wine while I knit.

Knitting memes.

Following other knitters on Facebook and Instagram.

Taking photos of my knitting projects.

It makes me happy!



4 thoughts on “32 Reasons I Love Knitting”

  • Amazing list! I’m impressed you were able to come up with 32! I always feel like it is such a wonderful, tactile hobby to have when we work on computers and look at screens all day.

    • I agree! It is such a nice change of pace from looking at a screen. You really have to use you brain in a different way when working on a pattern and it requires good hand eye coordination. They say it’s great for combating many brain ailments…. maybe that’s a future post idea!

  • Is it weird that I’m dying to see how you store your yarn? I love seeing other people’s stash 🙂
    Excellent list. Sub out all the knits for crochets and I wholeheartedly agree.

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