Handmade from our family to yours

About Us

The Sisters

We are the faces behind little seed knits.  After a few years of knitting for ourselves and family members, we were running out of things to knit and people to knit for! Our business came to be when we decided we want to share our love of knitting with others. In 2016, little seed knits was born! We embarked on our first craft market in December 2017 (and signed up for three more the following year!).  And in 2018, we started offering knitting lessons to help others discover the joy of knitting. 

Where did the name little seed knits come from? Elaine likes to claim that she nurtured Nicole from a little seed and it’s always been a funny saying we’ve used with each other. When coming up with a name for our business, we wanted to use something that really meant something to us and would bring a smile to our faces every time we saw it! 


I first learned to knit as a small child. Over the years, I kept coming back to the craft but struggled to get beyond the dreaded flat square and truly understand what a knitting pattern was telling me. In 2014, I once again returned to the yarn aisle and turned to YouTube to help me learn more knitting skills. I haven’t put my needles down since! I love knitting and being able to create amazing pieces with just some string and sticks. I want to bring knitting and other creative outlets to others to help them discover the true joy and satisfaction that comes with creating something out of nothing. 

When I am not knitting (which is rare), I enjoy other creative activities such as painting and paper crafting. I love watching movies and television, playing board games, and spending time outside. I live in Ajax, Ontario with my husband, Stephen, and we have two cats, named Bruce and Alfie. 


I’ve been knitting for about three years now. The great thing about knitting is that there are always new things to learn, and ways to improve – so I surely have a lifetime of knitting ahead of me.I decided to start knitting because my sister was doing it and she is super cool. I always liked being creative, but I enjoy the practicality of knitting – you actually end up with something you or someone else can use and enjoy.

I live in Pickering, Ontario with my husband, Justin, and our two cats, Max and Lily. When I am not knitting, I’m usually reading, watching Netflix or the Blue Jays. I’ve always have a book on the go and sometimes it’s a tricky decision on a Saturday morning what I want to do the most – knit or read! It is usually decided by how gripping the current book is. I love music – I listen to an eclectic mix of genres and artists. I remember lyrics easily and can often sing all the words to a song after only hearing it once or twice. I love to sing while driving (right, Justin?). I’m also weirdly into jingles.