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Cozy Toes

The weather is getting cooler and bare feet are no longer comfortable! Time to slip on slippers or cozy socks! Just no socks and sandals people! 😛

There are so many cool sock patterns and amazing sock yarn out there! Here are some of our favourite slipper and sock patterns.

Easy Peasy Socks 

This was the first sock pattern I ever tried to knit! It ended up really big (I didn’t check my guage!)  but it was a great way to learn how a sock is constructed.

Grandma’s Knitted Slippers

I think everyone has had a pair of these slippers at some point! An easy pattern for beginners, these slippers are knitted flat and then seamed to create a slipper shape.

Non-felted Slippers

These slippers are a bit more challenging but are super cozy! They have almost a moccasin look to them. I found the ones I made a bit snug so make sure to check your gauge and adjust as necessary.

Cottage Slipper Socks

I haven’t tried this pattern yet, however, I think these look super comfy! They would be great for just lazing around the house.

“Laugh all you want, but my Bunny-Slippers keep my feet nice and warm…”

Speckled Space Socks

I have made one sock in this pattern (second sock syndrome, am I right?) and the pattern was pretty easy to follow despite looking complex. I ended up making the foot a bit big but I think that is a measurement error on my part, rather than an issue with the pattern. The details of this pattern make it great for a plain sock yarn. I also enjoyed learning Judy’s Magic Cast-On in order to knit this toe-up pattern.

Patons Jacquard & Stripe Socks

This was one of my first sock patterns to try! Sock yarn is very light weight and the needles are small so they can feel time consuming. I think I only finished one of these and it was tough to make them the same as each sock uses one ball of self-striping yarn. The second sock didn’t have the exact same striping sequences so I never ended up finishing it. Maybe this winter I can start again and try to start the sock on the same colour.

Falling Snow Stocking

Okay,  so this is a bit of a cheat as it isn’t a sock you wear on your feet! But it is knit in the same way and was super fun to knit! It was my first big colour-work project and I love how they turned out! I knit one for both myself and my hubby to hang by our fireplace with care (and by fireplace, I mean the stair railing). I love how we will now have these beautiful stockings to bring out each year as we decorate for the holidays.

Yoga Socks

These are one of my favourite sock patterns to knit! With no heel to turn or toes to stitch, they’re super easy. I have modified the linked pattern to make it my own and I love to make these socks out of a great striped yarn. I prefer to use plain old stockinette stitch than the stitch pattern included.

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