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Holiday Market Featured Items – part two

We have been so busy getting ready for our craft show that we haven’t been blogging much!

Last week we featured some more of our items on our social media accounts and, just in case you missed it, we thought we’d do a second round up here on the blog! These items were some of the items we had available for purchase at the Picks and Giggles Holiday Market at the Abilities Centre last Saturday!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Trim your tree with a tree! These adorable stuffed Christmas tree ornaments make a great addition to your Christmas tree decor. Finished with ribbon and an assortment of buttons.  These make a great gift for an ornament exchange or Secret Santa.

** $10 each **



Owl Fingerless Mittens

Sometimes you don’t need a full mitten to keep you hands warm! And these days we need our digits free for our touch screens! This is one of our few items that is made from 100% wool. These sweet fingerless mittens feature a cable-knit owl detail with beaded eyes. Makes a great gift for an owl lover in your life! And who doesn’t love owls? (See what I did there…. #owlpun).

** $20 a pair **




Baby Cardigan

We love baby stuff! It’s so cute and small and so fun to knit. This teal baby cardy would be adorable on a newborn baby and has a matching hat! The teal/green colour is great for either a boy or a girl.

**  $25 **



Chunky Knit Hats

Winter is coming and the days are getting colder. We lose a lot of our body heat through our heads so what better way to keep warm that with a chunk knit toque (that’s Canadian for hat).  These neutral tones are great for everyone!

** $25 each **


Grumpy the Christmas Coal Ornament

Who’s been naughty?! Okay, that sounds more suggestive than it’s supposed to…. but if you know someone who is on Santa’s naughty list, you don’t want to be handling dirty coal. So give them a festive coal ornament instead! Grumpy will keep an eye on them for you.

** $10 each **


We had such a blast at the Holiday Market! Check out our upcoming post on our experience. Couldn’t make it to the show?! We take custom orders for these and all of our other items! Just send a message or email us at info@littleseedknits.com to discuss!

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