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Let’s go yarn shopping! (Part two)

There are lots of options when it comes to yarn purchases and it can be intimidating for a new knitter to navigate. In this series we are going to explore the different options for buying yarn, from craft box stores, local yarn shops, and online retailers.

In part two of this series, we can shop for yarn from the comfort of our home! There are lots of online yarn retailers and this week, we will take a closer look at one of them….

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One of the first online retailers that I ever ordered yarn from was KnitPicks. This is a great shop as they have lots of free patterns as well as various needles and yarn options. They say they keep their prices low by cutting out the middle man, sourcing and selling the yarn directly to the consumer. The shipping is usually relatively quick, even though it comes from the U.S. One thing to watch for is the size of the yarn you’re ordering; I have noticed that often the balls of yarn come in 50 g or 100 g balls, which is a bit smaller compared to some you can buy from other retailers. I also sometimes find their patterns a little bit challenging in that the language that is used can be confusing. Prices are also listed in USD so sometimes it can seem like a great deal until you factor in the exchange. You usually have to pay for shipping but right now they appear to have free shipping to Canada for orders over $75 , for a limited time.

One of my first large projects was a freebie pattern from their website called the Mighty Rainbow Blanket. I ordered shades of purple and pink in their mighty stitch yarn. Its a soft and stretch acrylic yarn that knits up nicely and makes a comfy cozy blanket.

This was my first order from them and I have since ordered other colours and styles. They also have a variety of needles and tools available, that may not be easy to find in a Canadian brick and mortar store.

Have you ever ordered yarn online?!

Happy shopping!




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