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Lotus Mudra – Yoga for Knitters

Padma mudra is also known as lotus mudra. Similar to the prayer mudra, this pose is a way to refocus and calm the mind as well as reduce stress and anxiety. This mudra continues to reduce tension in the hands, fingers and wrists. Lotus mudra promotes extension in the wrist, which is a counter to the flexion on the wrist cause by knitting.

Example of how knitting can create flexion of the wrist.

How to: Padma Mudra

  1. Bring your hands softly into Anjali Mudra in front of the heart center.
  2. Slowly unfurl your hands like a lotus flower blossoming open. Keep the base of the hands together, along with the thumbs and little fingers. Allow the index, middle, and ring fingers to gently open.
Alfie photobomb

Try it out and see how it feels! We’d love to hear from you. Post your padma mudra photos on instagram using the hashtag #yogaforknitters and tag us @littleseedknits.




Stay tuned for other yoga poses to help relieve knitting tension. If you would like more information on starting a yoga practice, please email me at nicolethomasryt@gmail.com or visit my Facebook Page, Nicole Thomas Yoga & Wellness. I offer personalized private therapeutic yoga sessions as well as group classes and reiki.

Details contained in this blog are meant for information purposes only.  It should not be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailments you have and its not meant to replace professional medical treatment. It is meant to ease tension and discomfort but if you are experiencing significant pain, you should be treated by a doctor or health professional immediately. Any new fitness regime or activity should be reviewed with a doctor before commencing.  I am not a medical professional and cannot properly assess  any ailments you may have or correctly assess your yoga postures. If you are new to yoga and in the Durham Region, I would be love to meet with you to discuss a personalized yoga practice. If you live outside this area, I highly recommend checking out your local yoga studio for beginner classes, to learn the correct postures with a registered teacher. 

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