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Meet the Knitters (Bonus Edition)

You already know Elaine and Nicole but without our lovely mama, Ann, there would be no little seed knits! She’s our secret knitting partner and dishcloth extraordinaire. Today is her birthday so in honour of the lovely lady who gave us life, let’s get to know her a little better! (disclaimer… I, Nicole, am answering these questions for her)

Tell us about yourself….

I have two amazingly wonderfully talented daughters. They are just so beautiful I sometimes can’t believe I am related to them. But seriously, I am recently retired and enjoying all my free time. I have been married for  36 years to a grumpy but lovable man. I am a fabulous mother to my two daughters (verified by said daughters) and we have a really great relationship now they are adults.

How long have you been knitting?

A long time. My mother (or maybe grandmother?) taught me how to knit. I used to knit for the girls when they were little. Knitting kind of went out of fashion for many years and life got busy so I stopped. Nicole & Elaine have inspired me to pick up my needles again (or forced… depends which way you look at it).

What was your first project?

I used to knit clothes for my barbie dolls when I was a kid!!

Related image
Maybe a tad overdressed for a walk in the woods, Barbie?

Why did you decide to start knitting?

My mother was a knitter! She knit the outfit she wore to my wedding… a lovely little skirt and jacket combo.

What is your favourite thing to knit?

Dishcloths!!!!! Give me all the cotton yarn! 

I made soooooooo many of these dishcloths for the Christmas craft show.


How many projects are you currently working on?

Just one, a purple scarf using Caron Cakes. It’s taking me awhile because it’s just garter stitch so it gets old really quick.

Related image

What is the next project you’d like to attempt?

I’ve got a poncho kit to start that I got for Christmas from my favourite daughter, Nicole.

At Nicole’s Graduation

When you’re not knitting, what’s your favourite thing to do? 

I love watching football! That’s soccer to you fools in North America. GOOOOO LIVERPOOL! (Just kidding, she loves EVERTON, this is just me being cheeky.)

Related image
Come on you blues!

I also love to go for walks and watch YouTube. I am an avid Corrie fan (Coronation Street for those unfamiliar). I like to travel, especially to anywhere with a beach or pool where I can read and swim all day.  I have a lovely cat named Belle who is a little princess and actually my favourite daughter.

Look how adorable I am?
Hmmm….what’s going on in here?

Wow, ma! Thanks for sharing! You’re the best! WE LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday!

We went to The Social!

~Nicole (and Elaine)

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