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We survived! (Our first craft show)

Well, it’s been almost a week since the Picks and Giggles Holiday Market at the Abilities Centre.  We’ve finally come down from the all the excitement and wanted to take a moment to reflect and share our experience.

The anticipation!

We definitely had some reservations and worries going into this event. We have never done anything like it and didn’t really know what to expect! Would we have enough stuff? Would people like our stuff? Would people actually buy anything!? We were frantically knitting right up until he day before, finishing up some Christmas ornaments (which ended up being very popular so we’re glad we did!).

Meet us at table 46!

It was such a great day! We arrived around 8 am to get set up and it was pretty easy to find our booth. We had gone through how we wanted to set up our table a few times so the set up process was relatively quick. We had some time to kill in fact which I think added to our nerves as we waited for the doors to open. Luckily we had some knitting to keep us occupied. One of the other vendors came by to speak with us and helped to boost our confidence by complimenting our knits and our set up. In fact, she ended up being our first customer of the day!


When the doors opened, it felt like there was just a flood of people and the traffic was relatively steady all day. Apparently at one point the parking lot was jammed and the line to get in was a 40 minute wait! We couldn’t believe it but it goes to show how much effort was put into advertising and promoting the even. The first 200 visitors got a swag bag of free items and coupons. We met a lot of great people, both customers and other vendors.

In the end, it was a great success and a truly wonderful experience! We had enough stuff! We had a lot of interest in our items, even from people who didn’t end up buying. And, maybe most importantly, we did have buyers!

We can’t wait to do it again!

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