DIY Flax & Lavender Eye Pillow

For today’s Make it Monday! I decided to DIY some flax and lavender eye pillows. I have been wanting to get some eye pillows for my yoga studio because they’re a great addition to a yoga practice, especially a restorative class. But I have been humming and hawing about which ones to get and just couldn't make up my mind.

Flash forward to yesterday afternoon, I was recovering from my late night arrival back home from our Florida trip so my brain was already all over the place. And it just popped in my head! Why not just get some flax seeds, some dried lavender and sew up some of your own! I have a sewing machine and a ton of scrap fabric, how hard could it be?

Oh, how I love you Amazon Prime.

Turns out, not hard at all! Thanks to Amazon Prime I was able to order a package of flax seeds and lavender with next day delivery so all the supplies I needed were here in time for my inaugural Make It Monday!

This afternoon, I dusted off my Janome, busted out the ironing board (because like 80% of sewing is actually ironing) and set to work. I used a few tips from Pinterest but mostly just winged it.

Wanna try to DIY your own eye pillow? Here's how I made them…  

Step one: Iron your fabric! You don’t want any pesky wrinkles getting in your way. And technically, you’re supposed to wash fabric before sewing it but since I don’t really need to worry about shrinkage on this project, I didn’t bother.

 Yes, I have a purple iron.

Step two: Cut your fabric. Remember that you should have a designated pair of scissors for cutting fabric but if you’re not a super serious sewer, it probably wouldn’t be the end of the world (just don’t use another sewers fabric scissors for anything).

And purple fabric scissors.

I left myself about a half inch seam allowance so I cut my fabric at about 5 inches wide and 9 inches long (for a pillow that is about 4 x 9 inches). You need two pieces (or if your fabric allows it, cut one piece that can be folded in half rather than sewing up one edge).

Step three: Align the two pieces together with the pattern/right side together and using your sewing machine seam up 3 of the sides (or two if you folded one edge over), leaving one of the short edges open. Once you've sewed the piece, turn it right side out for finishing.

Step four: You guessed it! Ironing! I ironed the piece again to smooth it out and flatten the seams on the outside. Fold and tuck in the raw edge of the fabric of the open end in and iron it flat to create a clean straight edge.

Step five: Fill the pillow. I used about a cup of flax seed and a quarter cup of dried lavender, mixed together with about 10 drops of lavender essential oil. It seems strong at first but I wanted to make sure the scent doesn’t fade too quickly and I will get the full benefit of the relaxing lavender.

I made a makeshift funnel out of paper but a regular funnel also works if you’re fancy.

Step six: Sew the final edge shut on the sewing machine. I just sew a straight line across, making sure to back stitch at the ends for a secure seal. Sure, it’s not machine made pretty but it’s handmade and that makes it special.


Voila! A beautiful, handmade, lavender and flax seed eye pillow. The flax seeds combined with the cotton fabric have a cooling effect all on their own which makes it great not only for yoga class but for use at home for relaxation, stress and headache relief. It can also be chilled in the fridge/freezer or gently warmed in the microwave.

Don’t want to make your own? Good news! I will be listing some in the shop soon so stay tuned for shop updates to pick one up for yourself.  

In the meantime, I'm off to yoga class to try one of these bad boys out!

Happy Knitting (and sewing)!



Do you have a Make it Monday suggestion? Let me know in the comments below. Or if want to share your own crafty creations, drop me a line and you may be featured in a future post. 

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