2019 Knitting Goals

With 2019 upon us, I've been thinking a lot about new years resolutions. Every year, we make them and we break them. Why is that? I think it's because they're usually broad and general and as soon as we have one misstep, we feel we have failed and give up (at least that's what I do).

Working out my remote control

This year, I am going to try and look at new years resolutions a little differently. Instead, I am going to give myself some goals for 2019. Warning, the next part may be a bit of a snooze, feel free to scroll to the next paragraph. There is a word in the HR and business world for exactly this - they're call SMART goals or objectives. S - specific. M - measurable. A - achievable. R - realistic. T - timely. So, for example, instead of just saying I am going to exercise more or exercise everyday, you could give yourself the goal: I am going to go to one yoga class each week for one month. After the month is up, if you managed to accomplish the goal, maybe add another day or another activity. If not, see how you do the next month. (This is actually one of my personal goals for January 2019).


What does this have to do with knitting, you may ask? Well, last year, we made knitting resolutions, and to be honest, I am not sure how we did. I didn't really keep track and I definitely got side-tracked by a lot of other projects. Plus, I got married which took up a lot of time and energy as well. We did do a couple of additional markets - some went better than others. But I did not post as much on the blog as I would of liked (which is already something I am working on for next year). I haven't quite finished a pair of socks that fit (I'm down to the wire on this one.... I am on track to finish this evening) and I did not make an adult sweater.

Just the foot & toe left :P

So, in the spirit of positivity, motivation and goal-oriented thinking, here are my knitting related goals for 2019.

My personal knitting related goals are:

Knit two adult sweaters by the end of April; one for me and one for Stephen (I already have the yarn and patterns picked out).

Knit one pair of socks each month for the entire year (that's 12 pairs total!).

Finish my (adult sized) chevron blanket by July.

Do not buy any more yarn until I have knit up my stash, no matter how good the sale is. (:P)

Learn about dyeing yarn and dye my first skein in January.

My little seed knits goals are:

Post two little seed knits blog entries each week.

Participate in three fall/Christmas markets in November/December (increase from two this year)

Host one knitting social each month.

Join us for our monthly Stitch n' Sip starting Jan 30th

Do you have any goals or new years resolutions? What do you want to learn this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Good resolutions!! I want to make a sweater for myself too. GOAL SQUAD!!


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