Christmas Eve Cast-On

The knitting community on my social media pages has been all a buzz the last week or so about the Christmas Eve Cast-on and I was immediately intrigued! What is this all about!?

A few years ago, little bobbins knits podcast decided to cast on a special project on Christmas Eve - a pair of special socks! From her Ravelry page discussion group for 2018 - ""If you haven’t joined in before the Christmas Eve cast on we all set out a little bit of time on Christmas Eve after the hustle and bustle of the month to cast on a special pair of socks which we then knit over the festive period.""

She even designs a special pattern for this very occasion. This year the pattern is called Twinkling Trees and can be purchased on Ravelry for about $8 CAD. If you're looking for an adorable festive sock pattern, please support her! Or check out one of her other great patterns.

Photo by Danielle Jorge - Twinkling Trees sock pattern

This trend is taking off in the knitting community with crafters all over Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram sharing their chosen patterns and, maybe more importantly, special skeins of yarn for their Christmas Eve cast on.

After weeks of frantic gift knitting or knitting for craft shows (like we have been doing all fall), I love the idea of taking time to reflect on the meaning of the season, whatever that may be, and make something special.

I have a couple of hanks of lovely sock yarn that I have been saving! I think now is as good a time as any to use one of them for a very special Christmas Eve Cast-On. Which one should I pick?

Do you have any special Christmas Eve traditions? We'd love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below.


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