Make It Monday!

As a newly full time  self-employed person, I have been finding that a lot of my time is spent on doing minor administrative tasks (or at least it feels that way). Organizing paperwork, documenting sales and purchases, updating my schedule. And while that is all good and dandy, as I am just starting out and can’t yet justify a personal assistant (ha ha), I was feeling that I was lacking creativity in my day to day. Yes, I have still been knitting here and there while watching Netflix, and I tried my hand at making some string art (more on this in another post), part of the reason I wanted to work for myself was so that I could do more than just create on the side of other work.


Now fresh off of my vacation, feeling energized and rejuvenated, ready to get back to this thing called entrepreneurship, I wanted to give my days a little bit more structure and purpose. I wanted to make sure that I was being more efficient in my productive time and actually make a point to include creativity into my workweek. So, I decided that Monday’s will now be Make It Monday’s! I will start my week with some “scheduled”, planned creative time.


I have a long list of projects I want to tackle and an overflowing craft room. Stay tuned to the blog each week to see what activities I get up to. Got a crafty suggestion for Make It Monday? Let me know in the comments or send me a message.

And I challenge you to get making too! Share you current projects and you may be featured on a future blog post!

Happy knitting (and making!),


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